Paul Tempel + Mary Ann Welcher

17 Children
John Tempel
Birth: March 29, 1851 20 16
Death: June 7, 1851Ferdinand, Dubois County, Indiana, USA
Jacob Charles Tempel
Birth: June 5, 1852 21 17Ferdinand, Dubois County, Indiana, USA
Margaret Tempel Scheurich Margaret Tempel
Birth: August 29, 1853 22 18Ferdinand, Dubois County, Indiana, USA
Death: July 25, 1941Seymour, Champaign County, Illinois, USA
Residence and Family Group of Andrew Tempel Andrew Tempel
Birth: March 22, 1856 25 21Ferdinand, Dubois County, Indiana, USA
Death: 1921Seymour, Champaign County, Illinois, USA
John Tempel Tombstone John Leonard Tempel
Birth: October 15, 1858 27 24Ferdinand, Dubois County, Indiana, USA
Death: August 9, 1943Champaign County, Illinois, USA
Elisabeth Margaretha Tempel
Death: March 1, 1869
Joe Tempel
Birth: September 5, 1861 30 27Indiana, USA
Death: March 1, 1943Muenster, Cooke County, Texas, USA
Joseph Amatus Tempel
Birth: September 5, 1862 31 28Ferdinand, Dubois County, Indiana, USA
Peter Tempel
Birth: January 22, 1864 33 29Ferdinand, Dubois County, Indiana, USA
Maria Ann Tempel
Birth: December 22, 1865 35 31Ferdinand, Dubois County, Indiana, USA
Mary Tempel
Birth: 1866 35 31Indiana, USA
Theresa Schumacher Theresa Gertrude "Tracey" Tempel
Birth: November 5, 1867 37 33Ferdinand, Dubois County, Indiana, USA
Death: October 24, 1934Seymour, Champaign County, Illinois, USA
Josephina Otilia Tempel
Birth: February 6, 1870 39 35Ferdinand, Dubois County, Indiana, USA
Death: September 13, 1870Ferdinand, Dubois County, Indiana, USA
Jake "Jacob" Tempel
Birth: December 1, 1872 42 38
Francis "Frank" Tempel
Birth: 1874 43 39Seymour, Champaign County, Illinois, USA
William Tempel
Birth: September 16, 1876 45 42Indiana, USA
George Albert Tempel
Birth: March 19, 1879 48 44Monticello, Piatt County, Illinois, USA
Death: January 25, 1940Colfax Township, Champaign County, Illinois, USA

Parents Grandparents
Paul and Mary Tempel Tombstone Paul Tempel
Birth: October 16, 1830 40 36Bayern, Germany
Death: March 6, 1904Seymour, Champaign County, Illinois, USA
John Tempel Tombstone Johann "John" Tempel
Birth: 1790Germany
Death: October 5, 1847Ferdinand, Dubois County, Indiana, USA
Elizabeth Tempel Tombstone Elisabeth Margaret Spindler
Birth: 1794Germany
Death: March 1, 1869Ferdinand, Dubois County, indiana, USA

Paul and Mary Tempel Tombstone Mary Ann Welcher
Birth: August 31, 1834Bayern, Germany
Death: July 29, 1916Champaign County, Illinois, USA
Family group information
Marriage May 14, 1850
Ferdinand, Dubois County, Indiana, USA

Number of children

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